Friday, April 13, 2007

Trash Camera

I cant spare you with latest addition of ebay treasures for 1 Euro ! (Seems its made for the spanish market) This wonderful piece of plastic crap which is praised in the highest words on the box. Please enjoy the following pictures of the camera. Sorry, I cant show you results because I couldnt make it work, the shutter is the only part of the camera which is not loose or or moving. You want to find out more about this photoequipment trash ? Google for "Canomatic" or "Canonmatic".
Full plastic, even the lens and the built-in lens protection.
"Red-eye protection" by a permanent red blinking LED ! Effect: Zero !
"New japanese lens" - great ! a newpiece of plastic !
'Focus Free" - Wonderful, no more problems with expensive Autofocus lenses.
"Case" - The only thing worth 1 Euro.
"Color Viewfinder" - Bloody Hell, its a film camera, you wouldnt find a bw viewfinder in it !
Can you explain to me what the lady is doing on the manual drawings ? Aerobics with the camera ? Maybe the only thing you can do with it.
I am considering some serious free fall tests with the camera and keeping the smelly bag alias "Free Case" ;-)
Think only Alfred E. Neumann would choose and buy this camera.

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Anonymous said...

Hallo Sven
Wunderbar schön zum lesen...
Schwingt da etwa Sarkasmus mit...
So beginnt ein schöner Sonntag

P.s. kenn dich von der aphog
Gruss Thomas