Wednesday, June 27, 2007

From DMZ with Love

A short visit to the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone!), a strange place between North and South-Kora. Advertised as a very tense experience by the tour operator transporting busloads of tourists (South Korea citizens are not allowed to visit the DMZ btw). It is still the neutral zone between the 2 (1?) countries but somehow converted into a attraction. I didnt feel the espionage like tense atmosphere !
Freedom Bridge
(Bridge to the DMZ, not to North Korea, even people behave like
at the former wall between east and west germany)

Dorasan Station
(South Korea expect the border to be opened, sooner or later, so
they provide a full infrastructure on their side inclusive a
full working train station (to nowhere now, but to Pyeonyang later,
whenever that gonna happen)

View to Northkorea
From the viewpoint that allows a sneak into the north, unfortunately
they dont allow to bring the camera behind the "photo line" to avoid take pictures
from the supersecret stuff there (on the southern side).
Hey secret agent folks, did you have a look at Google Earth yet ?

Tunnel Entrance
The plastic thing looks somehow like the that guy running the
show on the northern side ....

OK, no more panoramas from Korea. Anyway no more pictures left.
In case you dont understand the title,
remember the early 007 movie ?

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