Thursday, November 08, 2007

Book Printing

I worked out the layout and content of the first coffeetable book in pretty short time as part of the presentation I was doing. The quality did not meet my expectation, the paper is ok, the tone matches (almost) the colors of my reference prints. But in some images are stripes, which are not in the original. The paper of the embedded cover image is curling. I will find out what printer they use.
I must say I am very happy yo hit such a steep learning curve again ! Last wedensday I attended a presentation by HP about their Indigo digital press (link). Thanks to Andrew Ng for the professional presentation. They invited people to bring along image files for on-the-spot print out, and I am pretty impressed by the quality of the results (without touching up or adjusting the images before printing). The Indigo printer is nothing for home-use due to the $-tag but you should look for a company using it. I am preparing now the next batch for another local printing company using HP Indigo press. I will update you and upload a before-after comparison.

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