Thursday, January 24, 2008

Made in Ukraine (Arsat 30/3.5)

I love this Russian cameras and lenses. Finally I ordered another tank-like piece of glass from Kiev ! This is my 4th or 5th ordering from there via ebay and it always worked out, not scam, no spam !
You get it only with the usual K6 mount, but together with an adapter you can mount it to the most common camera types. I ordered together with a Mamiya M645 adapter for my 645AFD. I already own a Canon EOS adapter, as well can use it on my collection of BIG SIX and Pentacon cameras.

I am wondering how this could pass customs, see the customs declaration sticker with cyrillian characters .
I will add manual, test results on various cams soon. The lens is not produced anymore, you still get new ones from various sources. Drop me an email, will give you a good ebay seller.

Made in Ukraine Fancy pouch and filtersTogether with the Mamiya 645 80mm lens.
(and with me in the background, I know..)

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