Saturday, June 21, 2008

Compare Novoflex and Panamatic

Not sure if it is fair or if it even make sense to compare this 2 panoramic gears.

Novoflex Panoramaplate
Price: 99.- Euro
Weight: 165 gr
This sturdy german product made of metal allows you to very! smoothly turn with light- and heavyweight cameras. It has no stops but a scale from 0 to 360 degree in steps of 10.

Price: 99.- Euro
Weight: 50 gr
This piece of plastic, which is completely overpriced, turns in steps of 30 degree and allows you to cover 360 degree in 12 steps. It is made for very light consumer cameras working at a fix wideangle setting only. It is patented (!?).

Conclusion: Both products make more sense in a digital workflow. I would always prefer the professional product because of its sturdiness and accurate and smooth rotating ability.

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Anonymous said...

panamatic? I have seen this by hama for 29€ with panorama software.