Monday, September 15, 2008

Tips on storing panoramic cameras

I guess everyone is keeping his treasures in a dry cabinet (at least if you live in a damn humid place like Singapore). Since we have so many cameras (don't we?), it is very unlikely that you bring all your equipment along on a trip. Even more, it happens that a camera is not even used for months.

Tip 1: Batteries suck !
Dont leave batteries inside the body, specifically if you use the el-cheapo type of batteries which tend to vomit their content into the cam.

Tip 2: Move it !
If you have a panoramic camera with a rotating lens (Noblex, Widelux,..), make sure you move this parts occasionally. It happened to me before, that the Noblex didnt turn anymore after 1/2 year of not using it, but giving a squeeky sound.

Sure, this sounds a) like common sense and b) to all cameras anyway. Just want to share personal experience.

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