Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Renaissance of film ?!

I wonder how far in the future film might disappear completely ? Will it ? Maybe there is a small renaissance, I definetively have one. I didnt touch any film for the last 2 years, but in the last 4 weeks I shot about 20 rolls 35mm and 2 rolls 120. If you check ebay there are still plenty of cameras and film offers, and it is not easy to get your fingers on good stuff for little money. Just checkout the Leica, Hasselblad, Mamyia section !
What are the major players in the film manufacturing industry ? Fuji, Kodak, Ilford and some minor producers like FORTEPAN.
AGFA is gone. I loved their films and especially their paper. Its gone, can't change it. One of the most famous (film-market founding) companies disappeared. AGFA as company is still there, just not producing any film stuff anymore. Maybe they missed the point in time to jump on the digital bandwagon like Ilford (producing inkjet paper as well).
Anyway, I will travel home next week and bring back a big box with 150x APX100 + 100x RSX200 for my 6x17 project on 120 rollfilm, that should be enough supply for a while.
I hope I will not see the day when there is no more film at all and we are forced to manually create silverhalide stuff ?!
Lets see what the future gonna bring us....

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