Sunday, July 16, 2006


What am I doing ? I take photographs.
Why ? It is more than the pleasure I have to work with projects, themes and subjects. It means something to me, it is a way for me to make a creative footstep. After getting so digital we tend to loose the significance in our work. Restricted only by the number of gigabyte of memory that we carry around, we are snapping away and with some luck, there should be a good one ?

Get yourself a simple film camera or at least take a 128MB card (max and shoot raw) (no other storage) with you, get out there and start seeing again !It is a controversial statement, I know. I dont ask a professional press photographer to do that, but everyone who want to go through a creative process !
Why photographers shoot and immediately look at the screen to verify if they were lucky enough and made a good one ? A test shot - ok - like a pola. But observe photographers that you see everywhere: Snap, hold ,look,snap again without changing anythingfor each shot they do.

I recently read the announcement of an exhibition: "After returning from his one week trip to xyz he returned with 20.000 images and now he share with us his best shots."
Crap ! Even a chimp will have some 20 good shots when you give him a camera and let him snap away.

There is so much to see and explore wherever you are ! Explore it on the spot, not on your harddisk after returning.

My 2 cents for today.

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