Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ansco Panorama goes Hong Kong

I can t leave out the 1$ panorama camera results from this Hong Kong panoramic series, right ?
Ansco Pix Panorama with ERA 100 bw film.


梁巾 said...

just read your blog and love your panorama's work!
i just wondering about the difference between ansco and noblex, for me noblex is quite expensive, but could be there r some features that ansco can't provide.
i would like to buy one panorama camera, but don't want to buy lomography's product(they always re-packing some product and sell it in a non-reasonable price)
anyway, thanks for your photos sharing!

ps: i live in hong kong, ha!

Sven Hafner said...

Ansco wouldnt be able to beat the Noblex with its pinsharp negatives. Also the technology is different. The Ansco is just masking a 135 film to 23x13mm, the Noblex has a rotating lens. Its great fun to shoot with both :-) The Horizon is an option because it was invented before the LOMO hype started ! Around 199U$.

edelor said...

I like a lot the quality of these black and white era pics take with the ansco panorama. I was wondering which developer did you use. There is no too much information about how to developed this chinese film on internet.