Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Supersampler Panorama

In my quest on collecting panorama cameras I came across the Supersampler panorama camera from the Lomo hype company. Its a piece of plastic that shoots 4 panorama shaped images on 1! piece of 35mm 24x36 frame. And it comes for the hefty price of 40 to 50 U$ ! Excuse me ? I always thought lomography is a photographic artform not a trademark, but after further investigation I found out that "lomography" is a trademark by an austrian company that bought it from Russia. Nope. Not with me, I will not follow this plastic hype, but create my own style of cheap cameras with a certain art style. I will update you on that.
PS: I bought the supersampler on ebay for an "ok" price to get the collection complete !

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