Friday, May 11, 2007

Beirax goes Panorama Results

Here we are, back from the lab. The results reach about the level of quality I have foreseen. Not breathtaking, but the fun I had was worth the effort.
Some feedback:
1. The whole film is exposed (not a surprise), that eventually gives some kind of artistic touch (maybe).
2. There is big light leak (obviously). Assume its caused by the improperly sealed film count window.
3. There are tremendous scratches on the film, no clue where that comes from.
4. The Beirax works with a 105mm lens and fastest speed of 1/125. Most of the images a blurred. Of course ! These 6x9 cameras were build to create contact prints not enlargements.
5. My selfmade panorama viewfinder does not match correctly. Who would shoot the Sydney Opera without the top in the frame ?! Will do some adjustment shots.

Think will go for another round of this experiment ! With tripod and proper sealing.

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