Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ken's Gallery

I had a chance to drop his gallery last week. He is running 3 or 4 of them across Viktoria and NSW, this is one is at the Rocks in Sydney, a prime location - no doubt. People are filling up the gallery all the time and the cashier runs like in a supermarket ;-)
As you can see I could not afford more than the free brochure ...not true.... I bought 3 small books. His pictures (the framed versions, not the mousepad, mug, calendar and so on) is pretty pricey. But nevertheless I appreciate his work very much and he created milestones in panorama photography, think he started 15 years before I started to think panoramic. I would not mind meeting him but he is maybe the only celebrity in our panorama business/hobby/craziness and hard to catch.
my 2 cents
PS: Just realized I got a Ken for free. The 3 books came in a glossy paper bag that has 2x 40x10cm panos on front and bag in pretty high resolution. Cut it and paste it on mounting board. Thats it, can add to my panorama museum here.

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