Sunday, August 19, 2007

Vintage Queensland with the Agfa Isolette

One or another piece of my vintage camera collection always follows my trips. This time I selected the Agfa Isolette, made in Germany somewhere 1951-1954, with a 85mm/F4.5 Agnar lens. Surprisingly the images are quite sharp (at least in comparison to the other vintage cameras I was playing with before). It offers more flexibility than the box, since it have an aperture range from 4.5 to 32 and shutter speeds 1/25, 1/50, 1/200 and B. Its sensitive to flare!
Anyway, I am always happy to bump into a subject or scene that gives that vintage look as well. Here we go: Isolette + Shanghai GP3 100 bw + locations in Blackwater and Miles (Yes, I admit, tourist spots).


Ruby said...

Hi Sven. Saw your posts in Clubsnap and I like your vintage Queensland series. Did you get the Isolette in good condition? I've read that the bellows of folding cameras often have holes. Thanks.

Sven Hafner said...

Its a bit like lucky draw. But so far I got all the folding cams in good condition !