Saturday, September 15, 2007

Queensland Panorama

I still want to share some panoramic work that I made during the recent Australia trip. I have been off to Germany for the last 2 weeks, so while being really offline, I didnt update this page, your bear with me. Some more thoughts about panoramic Australia: So much I appreciate the panoramas by Ken Duncan or Peter Lik for their craftsmanship, experience, strong colors and so on, I sometimes dont feel like following their style and do another similar shot. Of course there are only limited ways to do landscape photography, no doubt. A panorama is special, on recent trips I occasionally didnt make a panoramic shot because its already there, nothing new, or I didnt find that angle, that view, which is new. With this attitude you wont find any leftover landscapes which has not been shot 100.000 times before, you might say, just think of the 12 (10?) Apostles in Australia or the famous black tree in the red Namibia desert. But at the end of the day you shoot for yourself ! So I share some different black and white views, which are not necessary typical for Queensland or Australia, but for me they are ! Cheers.

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