Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I love to see other photographers work, especially when they work in a similar field or do same style like bw panorama for example. It teaches you, it gives you ideas and creative sparks, it never stops. For this reason I also joined various photo communities, but leaving most of them after a while because there is no added value following the stream of endless praise. The purpose is to criticize, to learn and to push each other to the limit (creatively, not by personal offense). Why some communities have a good start and then the gibberish cloud joins in and all becomes so wonderful.
A small random extract on various photos:
  • Fantastic. Love the light and the colors.
  • Very, Very nice!
  • Beautiful job with this one.
  • i love this shot
  • nice job
  • Beautiful colors and composition
  • This is absolutely stunning.
  • Wonderful, cute and clear. Nice shot!

I dont ask you to talk down all images. But praise and critic should be balanced. If all images turn to be so extraordinary, then its all extraordinary average. I give frank feedback, even sometimes its like art, subjective.

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