Sunday, February 17, 2008

Camera obesity

I am sure some of us camera geeks collected so much equipment that you need to go on a camera diet if you intend to go to overseas fieldtrip restricted by the maximum handcarry luggage in a plane or even local trip limited by the weight you can carry. The pictur below show someone's dry cabinet with equipment as old 60 years to 13 Mpix cameras and hightech IS lenses. I started to inventorize all my equipment to get an overview (as well for the insurance in case sh.. happens).


jannx said...

Six folders! Whatcha got?
Looks like a Pentacon and Bronica too?

Sven Hafner said...

6 in the first row ! haha
most Agfa Billy und Voigtlaender Bessa.
yep. Bronica ETRS and Pentacon Six with a nice selection of lenses.