Saturday, February 24, 2007

First steps with the Roundshot

The roundshot is a great tool. And its different ! Even I use a Noblex which also follows the rotating lens concept, I need to get used to the Roundshot. No automatic, of course. No viewfinder, only a bracket that helps you to roughly aim or rather estimate where the top and bottom border will be (you need to use a tripod for this feature). Anyway I shot 3 films as starter to learn the way of Roundshots. Most importnat things I learned: At least f-stop 11, you try to expose medium format film with a SLR Nikon lens, there is vignetting at the top and bottom. Expose more degrees than you need, the first and last few millimeters of the exposure are slightly blurred. Go for a dgree value of 180 degree or more, the effect in the picture smaller with smaller values is not as exciting as you get with 180 or 360 degree !
I keep on walking and keep you posted about new and more serious works.
I want to use the opportunity and thank Thierry, who helped me to get the Roundshot to Singapore.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sven, dear reader
I wish you a lot of fun with that tool. All the test shots I made last summer were as well fine fun. Iwish you a Roundshot party with every scene and always enough light.
thierry b.