Monday, February 12, 2007

Hunting Lucky film in Shanghai

A short report about my attempt to hunt for the chinese film brand LUCKY whilst staying in Shanghai last weekend.
I heard about about a photo shopping center called XING GUANG Photographic Equipment Center in Shanghai (corner Lu Ban Road and Xie Tu Road).
You show any cab driver the above signs and he will drop you at the right corner. You cant miss it, its at a big junction with a big city highway above it. A shopping center with 6 floors full of shops where you get anything from the latest digital stuff to old fashion Seagull cameras, tripods and bags in all shapes and sizes and even film. Dont miss the Shen Hao Shop (wonderful wooden large format cameras) and the second hand shops where you get all kind of Leica and Hasselblad equipment at a reasonable price (sorry, I am not expert for these brands, so go there make your own opinion).
I also dig out some ERA black and white film. I will update you with the latest results of these films soon.
Thanks to Vargas, my Chinese friend to company me there to do the talking, most of the shop owners or staff hardly speak english.

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Matthias said...

Hi Sven,

did you got infected by the large format virus? By a specific Shen Hao virus? ... hehehe ... beautiful cameras.