Friday, February 02, 2007

Panoramic Australia

A short roadtrip from Adelaide (South Australia) to Hawker, Flinders Ranges. I will delight you with a report about this panoramic trip in late January 2007.
Australia is famous for its landscapes and its a perfect environment for panorama photography. I brought the Fotoman 617, the Xpan, the Noblex and the 1Ds along, quite a lot of equipment in my bagpack ! One the arrival that made us spend some extra time at customs to chat with the officer what all that is for and were we go. One the way back the checkin agent decided to weight my bagpack that goes into the plane with me. A shocking 15kg started a discussion about the maximum weight and number of hand luggage. This is an experience I definitely want to share with you. Anyone who brings along professional equipment easily brings 10 to 20kg to the counter - after checking in tripods and any other non-sensitive equipment. I have really no idea what to do about the weight. Normally in most other countries I travel, they dont bother (yet) to check hand luggage weight (at least big carriers). Conclusion: You cant check it in - its either stolen or broken, you cant bring it on board - only if you travel with your spouse with less hand luggage. I will put my equipment on the scale and will weight each piece and next time - at least for Australia - go on an equipment diet.
Putting that aside, Australia is wonderful and the tiny piece of South Australia we explored, gave me 100's of great panorama opportunities in return. During the trip (less than 1 week), covering 1000km, I could make 12 rolls of 617, 3 rolls Xpan and 3 rolls Noblex negatives. I will select some panoramas for you and look forward to get there again.

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