Saturday, July 21, 2007

Heading to Australia

Finally another real panoramic trip. We are heading for 2 weeks to Queensland Australia with a campervan. The panorama will be right outside the window. Should be bit easier to get up early morning. So for the next 3 weeks you wont find any updates here, but hopefully lots of panoramas after we return. 2 panoramas from the last trip to South Australia earlier this year as appetizer.

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jannx said...

Hi Sven, I just came to your blog thru RFF, you enquired about a centre filter for an Xpan you were purchasing. I'm waiting on one right now and am also debating the pricy ($300) centre filter.

Can you tell me what your experience has been with or without the filter.

Thanks, Jan at RFF

BTW I also have an old Noblex 150 U. I see you have a Noblex. I'll be back to look at your blog in detail.

jansdumpster at gmail dot com