Monday, July 02, 2007

Shanghai Photo Shopping

Another trip to Shanghai last week allowed me to hang out at Xing Guang Shopping Center (you remember - link) and hunt for bargains. Finally I got my hands on the 120 black and white film Shanghai GP3 for a price of about 60 ct Euro a roll.
I am not expecting too much in terms of fine grain and so on, but if it shows similar results like the ERA film, then I am happy. I will ipdate you with the results as usual. Maybe I will give it a try in the Agfa Box !

The other bargain I made: A tripod. Not that I really need a 5th tripod, but the quality is amazing for 30 Euro. It looks like a copy of Gitzo tripods with the same features and look, just 5..10 times cheaper. I cant judge the longterm quality, but I will work with it to find out. And it came with a bag, my real Gitzo didnt !
So, in case you pass by Shanghai, dont miss the chance to drop by ! It is an advantage to have a Chinese talking friend, it is rather hard to communicate in english, or just very basic conversation. You wont discuss the latest abberation of wideangle lenses :-)

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