Thursday, September 27, 2007

Creative Time and Space

Some reflection about creative output or value-time. Do you realize, the more you are distracted, the less you get done or the less creative ideas you have ? Some observations:
  • The more equipment I bring along, the less focused I am. Always thinking which camera should I use now.
  • I sit in my room/lab/photo office (whatever you call it) and I get distracted by the various books I want to read/look through or finish, by the stack of negatives I need to scan, the number of images I want to print and frame, the untouched book project, surfing the web for inspiration, writing these blog.
  • The best creative ideas (for books, projects, experiments) I get while traveling in airplanes or lonely hotel rooms on office trips (assuming its a dark, cold and less-interesting environment around the hotel).
  • It seems there are creative time corridors during the day, you should find out about yours.
  • The more GB's of images you try to produce on a trip the less you create, you get stuck with sorting out the images. Rather shoot less.
  • I feel not satisfied when I dont get anything done during a whole day, but also very happy when I finish only one thing.
Conclusion: You can do only one real creative thing at a time. Try to focus and let it flow, anyway you cant force the ideas to come. Whatever we do, we wont be able to visit all places we want to see and explore, work out all ideas and so on. Maybe thats not the point anyway, just enjoy doing what you like.

I write these lines, while scanning 5 year old negatives, sorting other image files on my harddrives, cleaning the clogged printerhead for the 5th time in 4 weeks and thinking of the next entry in my blog, which will be number 100.
My 2 cents for today.

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