Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Vertical = Panorama ?

The question might be technical or rather philosophical. What defines a panorama ?
[pan- + Greek horma, sight (from horn, to see; see)] or
An unbroken view of an entire surrounding area. (link)
From this prospective a vertical would not be panorama, but you can bend it by lying on your side and seeing a scene (90 degree). The vertical is shot with a panorama camera, so does this fact make a vertical equal a panorama ?
To be honest, I dont care. I love both and sometimes I feel like turning my 6x17 by 90 degree and shoot !
Some subjects really ask for the vertical format, sometime you need to think out of the box (or lets say out of the panorama) to see it (bot as photographer and as viewer!).
I will do a little presentation about Panorama Photography during Photo Imaging X-change 2007 (held in conjunction with Imaging Expo Singapore 2007, November 1-4). So if you happen to be in Singapore, feel free to drop by. There a lots of other interesting workshops and presentations as well. More info @

I share some verticals with you (also from my last Australia trip through Queensland).

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