Thursday, October 04, 2007

Contact Sheet

Isn't the good old-fashioned contactsheet a wonderful thing ? I was used to create them in the darkroom by putting the negatives under glas on a sheet of photo paper, later keeping them in a folder for browsing. It helped me to decide which negative finally to print. Moving to digital I stopped doing that (using the digital contactsheet in PS oder any image browser). And Why ? Because in the digital age you do 100's of image on a single CF, ending up with 5mm by 5mm sized thumbnails on a contactsheet (and most of the images might be even meaningless). While returning to film in a hybrid way (shoot film, scan and print digital) I am also back to my favorite contactsheets. I scan and print one for each film, put them in a folder and enjoy browsing through it to gather ideas or decide which one to print. Give it a try ! Is much more fun than "page-downing" through hundred of images in fornt of the screen !
Remark: A contactsheet is a very "personal" thing which I would not share normally.

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