Thursday, October 11, 2007

Panorama Presentation

I am in the middle of the preparation for the presentation about Panorama Photography I will do at the P.I.X. Photo Imaging X-Change Singapore event on November 4th (link). The research about this topic reveals lots of interesting stories and information, which I didn't know before. I am "doing" Panoramas, I don't have Ph.D. on the history of it. One of the websites I re-visited is the collection of Panoramic Photographs (Taking the Long View, 1851-1991) showing a big number of very old images available in high resolution, as early as 1850. Amazing what these pioneers created with simple and bulky cameras. Thanks to the Library of Congress for maintaining this collection and making it so easy accessible.
Even only 1 participant might show up the presentation, it was worth the preparation and the research. If you join, I will tell you a bit about the history of panorama photography, its origins, todays available cameras and techniques, will talk about styles and tools, show some images as appetizer and give some advice how to start your journey into the panoramic world.

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