Tuesday, October 30, 2007


2 Principles in my photography:
1) I follow very strictly the approach to create the panoramic image on the spot ! I never created panos by cropping a regular picture trying to get something out of it. Maybe for reviewing purpose and to find out if a subject deserves a revisit with the panorama camera. Save your time to discuss this with me ;-)
2) I try to shoot fullframe as much as possible, I avoid any cropping. It teaches you to shoot, not to snap around !

One more principle, but I am not so strict about it: If I shoot color, I occasionally convert it into bw, even I feel like cheating ! This happens very often to color images I shoot during the day, in case the result just lacks of color impact. Shouldnt shoot during mid-day, right ? But you cannot always return on a road-trip to a specific spot at late afternoon because you are already 500km away from it.
And if you loaded color into the cam, you cant change it (without lots of waste).

I share a converted sample with you:

6x17 with Agfa RSX II, but I am not happy with color version.

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kazikFH said...

I agree with you as I have the similar approach - I am doing the photo as I want to see it in final. Cropping should be just for some minor adjustment. In this case B&W is much more dramatic and better.