Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Camera Diet

During my recent camera inventory exercise, I took note of the weight of all pieces. Fact: I will never be able to bring all my equipment to a trip or shooting.

I try to carry the complete..
.. Zenza Bronica ETRS stuff: 3,5 kg
.. Hasselblad Xpan: 1,4 kg
.. Fotoman with 2 lenses: 3,3 kg
.. Canon DSLR with 5 lenses and 4 batteries: 8 kg
.. Mamiya AFD with 2 backs and 4 lenses: 4,3 kg
.. Pentacon Six with 5 lenses: 4,1kg
(to be added: film, tripod, filter)

Lightest piece: Nikkor 50/1.8 with 150 g
Heaviest piece: Canon L IS 70-200 with 1750 g

Conclusion: Better check the maximum weight you
a) can carry comfortably for long period.
b) can bring onboard a plane when traveling overseas (normally about 7kg max in eco)
and also plan ahead what you want shoot and how flexible you want to be ! More stuff, more weight, less flexible ! Even on a roadtrip where you can virtually bring as much as you want,
try not to exaggerate your flexibility efforts.

Enough mathematics for today. Go out and shoot (without becoming a donkey)
PS: I am on the way to Hong Kong this weekend to get one more piece of bulkiness. Will update you and the inventory accordingly.

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