Monday, March 17, 2008

ISO Challenge for Mamiya ZD Back

Most important facts about the digital Mamiya ZD back:

Digital back for Mamiya 645AF/AFD/AFD II and RZ67 Pro IID
36mm x 48mm, Full Frame RGB Square-structured CCD (Dalsa)
approx. 21.80 Million Pixels, active approx. 21.50 Million Pixels
(Mamiya Link)

Yesterday in the early evening I challenged the back, resp the CCD chip in a low light high contrast situation and compare results in ISO 50 and ISO 400.
Conclusion: The dynamic range is amazing, but just dont touch the ISO button (fix glue it to 50) !

Setup: Tripod with cable release and mirror lockup. Adobe Lightroom without any sharpening or noise removal.

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