Saturday, March 22, 2008

Panorama Plate

I am hunting for a panorama plate, a little plate mounted between tripod and head (the head is rather optional) that rotates smoothly and has little x degree markings. For any non VR panoramas that is good enough and you dont need to rotate exactly over the nodal point, if you shoot with a tele lens, eg. 100mm lens. To cut down on weight (by not carrying the big Manfrotto VR head), I am looking around for this simple plate. In the usual Singapore camera shops (Cathay, Alan, The Cameraworkshop,..) I couldnt get a NOVOFLEX Panorama plate (link), that I was aiming for, with a price around 200.- SGD, but I found a 25.- SGD substitute from Lenspen (link). OK, I am not serious, its not a serious replacement, but I will give it a try until I get my hands on a Novoflex.
I find it a bit ambitious to say "
Use with any tripod and any camera", I will mount the Mamiya AFD on it, guys !
But I really like this statement: "
Take as many pictures as you need to cover what you to show." That puts the worldwide effort to create panoramic pictures into 1 sentence. Great !

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jannx said...

this looks suspiciously like the pano attachment for the Minolta Autocord designed in the 1960's.

Probably the patent has expired and this company is cranking out reproductions.