Sunday, March 16, 2008

Test Images Mamiya ZD Back

I will not indulge in some scientific test series which steal my value time to take photographs, but I created some sample shots with all my current (5) lenses to get a bit an idea how the lens perform. Yes, you are right it should be a range of f-stops for all lenses to compare 2.8 vs. 32 and center vs outer part of the lens. Maybe later (i doubt so).

Mamiya AFD II with ZD Back (22Mp, image 5.328 x 4.00o pix)
Gitzo Tripod at same location
ISO 50, F8
Mirror Lockup and cable release

Untouched 8bit Tiff from Raw (Mamiya Digital Photostudio)
Result saved as JPG (8), 1.000 x 751 pix with 100% (400 x 300 pix) detail

Mamiya AF 55/2.8 (Mamiya Link)
Mamiya AF 80/2.8 (Mamiya Link)
Mamiya Macro 120/4. (Mamiya Link)
Note the effect on the right border which appears randomly.
No explanation yet.

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