Friday, June 30, 2006

Simple Things

Simple things attract me. Just 3 bikes, a wall, windows (not really). Thats it.
I shot this in Malaysia, in Segamat to be exact. I will add some more pan's with scenes that are on the edge of distinction in Singapore because sooner or later everything will look the same here and has this shoppingcentre taste and look.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

No mobile phone

also called handphone. seems Christopher still can handle a streetside manual phone. Good old times!

Thoughts about film

I started photography with black and white years ago then slowly moved more and more to digital. I started to forget about the challenge to create a decent composed black and white image without a nice tonal range, the pleasure to develop it and even to print and frame it.

The difference is so big, is like a lifecycle to create a image. I wont stop with digital photography, but I want to CREATE not CONSUME photography !

I learned so much from Martin Blume
(, I want to dedicate a couple of pictures to him.
Thanks Martin !

Since I stay in Singapore I cant continue with the full darkroom procedure for the time being. I will shoot film, I found a lab wich can develop black and white quite well and will make prints with my EPSON 4800 chroma Ink printer, which is supposed to be archival.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

First shots

I got the xpan 2 weeks ago, bought a used one after finding out Hasselblad stopped to produce it. Its a great piece of equipment and the lens is just ... sharp ! Its a Xpan I from 1999 with 1400 on the counter. The first film I bought for testing from the supermarket. Kodak Gold 200. The first shot with it ... some snaps.

Technical stuff

This blog will not gonna be a tech talk but just to give a hint what stuff I use.
Xpan I with a 45mm lens. Noblex with build-in lens (swinglens camera). You want to know more about panorama equipment ? Surf to and follow to the tech section ! Also a Medium Format 6x45 Bronica.
Film: Ilford 100 Pro and Agfa APX 100 black and white. Fuji Velvia and Provia.
Postprocessing: Lab development, scan in PS, only gradation and dust removal, eventually a decent toning.


This is a good pano to start with. Its my wife and me on one of our usual outings. Its taken along Geylang Serai 2 weeks ago. Maybe you find the funny feature of that image.... let me know !

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

As wide as it can get !

Dear friends and fellows of panorama photography ! Thought it is about time to start this in addition to my existing websites that have less information and spontaneity.

I am in Photography for more than 10 years now, started with black and white on 35mm, later medium format, printing on fibrebased paper, found finally panorama photography and knew thats it ! I just love it.
100% pure panorama - if digital or film .... "As wide as it can get!"

I dedicate this page to images shot with my Xpan and Noblex.