Saturday, March 03, 2007

Panorama Camera Collection: Ansco Pix Panorama

Latest addition to my panorama camera collection. Maybe the cheapest, I bought for 1U$ and got it shipped for another 10U$ !The Ansco Panorama camera, a piece of plastic from the pre-Holga era, with fix focus, 1/125 and f11 exposure uses 135 film and mask to 13 x 36mm. This specific model was packaged by the Outdoor Company. Ansco does not exist any longer, the factory was torn down around 2001. This camera was made in China anyway, from some recherches in the web it seems Haking Ltd in Hong Kong bought once the name for the consumer market products.
Will dont spare you from experiencing some Ansco panoramics soon.

More info: The old company Ansco does not not exist anymore (see link Ansco Chronolgy by
William L. Camp), also the name is no longer used for an actual product. The HP 122 (see link at Haking website) still looks a bit like the Pix Panorama !

You are looking for the manual ? Check this:

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