Thursday, May 29, 2008

EPSON 4800 Saga Part 2

Other than previous experience with service centers, EPSON's hotline attended the call and in less than a minute I was talking to the supervisor taking care of the large format printer support.
Since a customer can't carry a printer this size to the service center, they come to your place. Of course, not for free, but within 24 hours I had a quotation for this onsite service. I signed, what else to do, if not continuing pumping ink into the wastage tank ? 170 S$ to drop by ! Lets see what we need to change, its either the pumpcap or the whole printhead. I keep you updated..

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Printing Trouble with the EPSON 4800

Has been a long time since my last entry here. A couple of oversea trips and busy with lots of projects. Anyway we shall continue here. Since my darkroom remains in Germany I started to look for an alternative in 2004. That time first printer generation at a reasonable price (less than 5k) S$) range hit the market that allow to produce prints in archival quality. I bought the EPSON Stylus PRO 4800 in 2005 and I am very happy with the results. Lots of panoramic works I printed with it. I dont print that much but at least once a week to keep the nozzles and the printhead in action. Since I came back from the 2 weeks Germany trip, the printer gave up. Despite full ink tanks he keep on showing clogged nozzles, even after heavy cleaning which sucks truckloads of ink out of the cartridges (1 out of 8 is 140 S$). I suspect the printhead or the pump cap. Gonna call the Epson call centre today, lets see how the saga continues..