Monday, December 15, 2008

Seitz says "Goodbye to film.."

The Swiss company famous for the range of film based panoramic cameras like the VR220 and 28-220 announced the discontinuation of these cameras. Sadly enough, but fact. Guess the digital world force them to move on. They still will support the old cameras for support but only sell the digital range (even I am not sure who can afford the D3 or the big boy D617). Wonder if the price of my 28-220 will go up. I am NOT it selling anyway !

On Photo Magazines

No posting for 2 months ! Thats the longest period of silence for this blog. Haven't been active in the field of (panoramic) film, but more in the digital world (sister blog link). Today I share some thoughts about photomagazines. To be honest I stopped buying them long time ago (with few exceptions). Either they are indulging in technical specs and curves of the latest lenses and bodies (some of the curves I cant even interpret) or half filled with advertising of camera shops. I prefer to see portfolios, experiences on assignment and similar content. The only magazine I read regularly is "Photographie" (german language, link), it is a fair mixture of images and technical editorial over the years, even the amount of nude pictures is too much compared to other portfolios. I gave up on magazines from US and UK, which are also rather expensive in Singapore (due to be imported).
(Copyright with LFI and Canon!)

I specifically want to compare 2 camerabrand pushed magazines:
Both magazines are about the cameras the brand produces and images that are made with the same. The 2 cameras brands are completely different league of equipment approaching different type of photographers. LFI rather on the artistic side, for the purist (hobbyist) who can afford it. EOS on the press/sports-photographer and hobbyist side.

Facts LFI (September/October 2008, Germany):
Price Euro 6,50, available at magazine dealers
74 pages
2 pages readers images
30 pages portfolio (2 photographers)
6 pages (fullpage) advertising
6 pages editorial, impressum, news, exhibitions
31 pages on Leica cameras/equipment (some pages shared with 1/2 advertising)

Facts EOS Magazine (April/June 2008)
Price free for selected customers (spend more than x on Canon), available through pay-subscription.
82 pages
8 pages readers images
9 pages (fillpage) advertising
8 pages editorial, impressum, news, exhibitions
8 pages portfolio (1 photographers)
16 pages on Canon cameras/equipment
27 pages learning trail, how-to (mixed with Canon brand equipment)
4 pages background story

Conclusion: None. Both try to advertise their repective brand. Canon focus more on guiding photographers in using Canon cameras. Leica puts the brand itself into the centre. I wont buy both of them because not being neutral or independant (are other magazines neutral?).

Alternatives: (?)
- For technical reviews and comparison I go online to the various photo portals.
- Maybe the Black and White Magazine for the artistic scene of bw photographers and gallerists.

I leave it to you to comment and decide..