Friday, August 29, 2008

Ansco Panorama again

The Ansco Panorama PIX has been sitting on the shelve for quite a while ! Inside a Konica Minolta Centuria 200, damn I still have a box with 100 of this film. Even manged to have shots from 2 continents on one 24 roll. Like my grandma which used one film for 2 birthday and christmas parties. The colors are ugly and its grainy, but never mind it fits well into the Ansco.

Monday, August 18, 2008


OK, I haven't been very active with film lately and the few undeveloped rolls sitting in the black plastic bag for 6 months can tell that. For an average bw film that is not really a big deal, but it seams the Shanghai GP3 does not really like to expose his latent images to the protective layer-paper. Resulting in a nice watermark over all negatives. Lesson to learn. Shot with the Agfa Isolette a while ago... yes, early this year.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Mamiya ZD handheld vs. tripod and mirror lockup

For a while I was thinking the Mamiya is a "tripod only" medium format camera only. As with any other cameras it depends mainly from your lens and shutter speed. So I tried my hands on one subject with different setup and the same settings.
Mamiya AFD II with ZF Back
80mm lens @ F8 and 1/200s
1. With tripod and mirror lockup
2. With tripod
3. Completely handheld only
Result: At this speed I cant recognize any difference. I compared at zoom level of 200%.
I will try with different settings going down to 1/80s.
But: Working with a tripod always ensure you have best possible results !