Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Film Stock

Despite not using any film for a few years I still have quite a stock of film, I just discovered this 2 boxes with mostly 135 and some 120 roll film. Of course between 6 and 10 years expired, which should not be a problem for a black and white film. Guess will sell some of the film, at least any color/slide film and the infamous Shanghai film which is not worth to use developer on.

Panorama Camera Collection: F70D

Didnt add cameras lately to my collection of cameras with panoramic features and real panorama cameras. I came across this F70D (N70 in the US) which was introduced in 1994 and came with a panorama switch that allow to change from the fullframe 24x36mm to 13x36mm format (panorama by masking). The F70D is considered slightly rare, not as common as the regular F70 model.
SLR cameras from the late 80's to 90's you find on ebay for a few Euros or Dollars only.
Nikon F70D
Back with panorama switch
This camera has the usual problem, the rubber (20 years old) on the back starts to dissolve due to humidity and sweat and is quite sticky. Alcohol might solve the problem.

Some basic info at Wikipedia.

Monday, September 29, 2014

2014 - Film is (still) not dead

Almost 3 years passed and I did not touch any film. I moved from one continent to another in the meantime bringing along all cameras and film stock (I sold all 120 slide film though but kept the bw stock). Now I am getting serious, the last weekend I shot one roll of Jessops black and white film in the infamous panorama plastic camera. I still have two packets of Xtol but had to order some fixer. I almost have to learn again how to take out the film and put it into the Job drum !
I will wait for tomorrow night and take out the film from the camera, finally living in a house again that has dark places.

Will keep you posted on this !