Black and White Film Producer

I asked myself  
"Where can I buy film or who is still producing film ?"
"Wo kann ich schwarzweiss Film kaufen?"

Here the results:

Last update: October 2014 (draft, not complete)

Companies producing bw film:
Firmen die sw Film herstellen:
Where to buy film in Germany:
Wo kann man sw Film in Deutschland kaufen:

Film no longer available
Nicht mehr erhältliche Filme
  • Agfa APX
  • Efke 
  • Forte Fortepan
  • Orwo NP

Current average prices for a couple of 120 bw film (Euro):
Aktuelle Preise für SW Film

  • Fomapan 100: 3,50
  • Fuji Acros Neopan 100: 6,00
  • Ilford Delta 100: 5,20
  • Ilford FP4: 4,75
  • Kodak Tmax 100: 5,00
I still have an old Brenner catalogue and I am surprised to see the prices for the above films are pretty much the same (in DM), given the inflation etc film price was stable for the last 13 years.
Kodak Tmax 100 in 2001: 6,95 DM

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