Sunday, October 18, 2009

Noblex Re-Started

The very first outing for the Noblex after about a year of loneliness in the dry cabinet and its owner realizing there was still a film inside. And one more time I did the error of not "moving" it for a long period. The lens barrel would not rotate before several rounds of "supported" turning (aka turn it manually and listen to the squeeky sound). Finally it worked (turned at variou speeds without disturbing sounds) and I loaded an AgfaPan (from the 100 year supply fridge) and it had a little walkabout around town.
Half way through the film it started to get difficult to to forward the film, 2 more shots and it got stuck completely.. in both directions ! Only in my makeshift darkroom I could open the body and feel the mess, the film got tangled between the transporting mechanism. I recovered the film (badly fodled at 2 positions) and put it in an empty film can, hoping my lab will accept that.
Before wasting anther panoramic opportunity, I dry-run with some crap left-over film and see if there is any persistent problem. It seems to work fine, we will see.

Noblex from inside:


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back posting here. I have Noblex cameras, 135U and 6/150S, love them both. The 135 has been dropped a few time but is solid and still working well.
Scott W.

Jeff Phillips said...

I gotta know, what were the results of your walk around? Did your trusty Noblex redeem itself? Thanks. -Jeff

Anonymous said...

Can anybody explain what's the difference between noblex 150 models?