Friday, January 27, 2012

Kodak: End-of-Life'd

I cant believe that one of the most traditional or historical photography equipment and film companies (Kodak on Wikipedia) is going down the drain (link) and filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy.
The company made photography accesible to the masses in the early years and introduced or invented a couple of fantastic things. To name a few:
  • 1900: The Brownie Camera
  • 1935: Kodachrome
  • 1963: Instamatic Camera
  • 1975: The digital camera (Engineer Steven Sasson)
  • 1986: First Megapixel Sensor
More than a few time Kodak missed the train with their products and the competitors happily overtook.


Unknown said...

Hi Sven, I worked with Kodak on various projects when i was a E6 Technician. And your right they never seemed to able to keep up with the moving times of Photography. I only hope i can still get my batches of Ektar 100.


Anonymous said...

Found your blog when I was researching panorama photography - interesting information and insight. Sharon