Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Panorama Camera Collection: Seitz Roundshot 28 220

One of the jewels of my panorama camera collection, the Seitz Roundshot 28 220 which was introduced somewhere in 2002 and I bought a used set early 2007.
The set comes with body, lens, view finder and battery charger in a pelican case. My serial number is 009. Wonder how many they produced.
Did not use it for quite a while, I still run it once in a while to keep the mechanics smooth.

Interesting facts about the camera:

  • It exposes 120 film but uses a 35mm format lens, the Nikon 28mm/3.5 PC (Perspective Control, aka wider image circle) lens.
  • It has a standard Nikon mount, though it wont render any useful images with another Nikon lens. Never tried that.

You can notice a significant fall-off at the top and the bottom, sometimes my camera also produce the strange exposure problem on the left side.

More infos:

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